Written by me and illustrated by the award-winning Nicholas John Frith, Beavers is a delightfully informative, laugh-out-loud full-color look at the most unsuspecting of animal heroes, perfect for readers who like their facts served with a large dose of humor. 

Beavers: The Superpower Field Guide is the first book in my new middle-grade nonfiction Superhero Field Guide series.  (Yes! That means there are more to come.)  An unconventional look at the humblest of animals heroes, Beavers will inspire readers to laugh, think, and view the world around them with new eyes.  And I don't mean maybe! 

Published by HMH Books for Young Readers.



"Has there ever even been a truly extraordinary nonfiction book about beavers for kids between the ages of nine and twelve before? I mean, the very concept strikes you as silly, right? And yet here we are. This is a book that sets you up to want to know more about its subject matter, while at the same time satisfying any questions you didn’t know to ask. Beavers make for good books. Poliquin’s writing and Frith’s art do the subject matter justice. And child readers will, as one, become beaver enthusiasts (and possible nature conservationists as well) as a result. Yeah. I just wrote an incredibly long review about a beaver book. Better pick it up. If you do, you’ll understand." 

Elizabeth Bird, School Library Journal
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