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Photo: Michael Dee

Photo: Michael Dee

Recent interviews available on podcast:

Natural Histories, BBC Radio 4:
Beaver Listen here +

The Colin McEnroe Show, WNPR Radio:
Bring Back the Beaver! Listen here +

Inside Science, BBC Radio 4:
Is Taxidermy a Dying Art?  Listen here +

The Sunday Edition with Michael Enright,
CBC Radio 1
: An Interview on The Breathless Zoo
Listen here +

The Colin McEnroe Show, WNPR Radio:
Filling you in on the World of Taxidermy
Listen here +


Selected Talks:

Taxidermy, Art, and the Animal Question:
Dead Animals, or the curious occurrence of taxidermy in contemporary art, David Winton Bell Gallery, Brown University

Skinned, Stuffed, and Mounted
Philadelphia Science Festival, Wagner Free Institute of Science

Taxidermy, Longing, and Beastly Allure
The Observatory, Brooklyn, New York

The Beast Within
Continuing Studies & Alumni Affairs Annual Summer Celebration, Beaty Biodiversity Museum

Taxidermy, Longing, and Beastly Allure
Seminars in Cultural and Historical Geography, Cambridge University.

The Breathless Zoo
Elliot Bay Book Company, Seattle

Vertebrate Peculiarities
Themed Attraction Association Canada, Beaty Biodiversity Museum

Animal Beauty: Death, Longing, and Taxidermy
Representing Animals in Art, part of 2009 Themester Series: Evolution, Diversity and Change
Indiana University

Taxidermy in Contemporary Art
Syracuse University   


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